Welcome to tabletop productions aka KrauseVideo, a digital production and imaging studio run by Jim Krause. The pandemic has thrown us all into new territory, but we’re still taking pictures and producing videos, in as safe a manner as possible.

In December we produced a short promo for The Stone Age Institute.

Over the summer we helped Monika Herzig capture a live performance recorded at Airtime Studios. The live session was sent to fans in Germany, in lieu of a postponed concert.

We also provided sculptor, Dale Enochs with a one-shot artist talk about his new, larger than life piece called, Stride. It was installed at the Northwest YMCA in Bloomington, Indiana.


Tabletop Productions is run by Jim Krause, who has been creating innovative video projects for more than 30 years. In addition to producing videos and photography, Jim Krause has been teaching at Indiana University since 1999, now a member of the Media School. He is a composer, musician, sailor, and outdoorsman. He has led seminars and workshops, and teaches advanced production classes including TV Studio Production, Digital Video Cinematography, Program Graphics and Animation, and Video Field and Post-Production. Jim holds degrees in Telecommunications, Audio Technology and Education/Instructional Systems Technology.






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