Jim Krause

I’m a video producer, photographer, musician, sailor, and faculty member in the Media School at Indiana University. I teach field and post production, TV studio production, digital cinematography, and graphics and animation.

For more information on my professional background please refer to my cv.

When not working you might find me…

Making & Listening to Music – I play acoustic, finger-style guitar, mandolin and sometimes electric bass, dulcimer, and violin. I also write music. I’m fortunate to be married to Anne Hurley, an incredible cello player, and also to have many talented singer songwriter friends. Check out my CDs: Madeleine Bay and Crossing the Inland Sea. Find out more at jimkrausemusic.com

Sailing, Paddling, Hiking & Biking – Yup…… All or anything that gets me out under the sky or on the water is a good thing- and good for the brain too!  (NYT article 2011)