on the water


Broadcast (All shows written, produced and edited by Jim Krause):

Spirit of Brown County – An hour-long documentary on Brown County produced for WTIU. Promo (60 seconds) Full Program (56:46)

Indiana Motoring – An hour-long show produced in one week for WTIU. Promo (30 seconds) | Full Program (56:46)

Elkinsville: Washed Away by Progress (44:42) This 45-minute documentary focused on the lost town of Elkinsville, which was displaced by construction of Lake Monroe.

Global Learning at Ivy Tech (Promo for Global Studies Program)

Chinese Flagship Program – (3:11) This promo was created for IU’s Chinese Flagship Program

UITS On the Move – (4:32) This program was produced for Indiana University’s Groundbreaking Celebration for their new CyberInfrastructure Building.

Art & Not-for-Profit:

Kaia “Traveler’s Prayer” – (3:10) This video was produced gratis for Sycamore Land Trust and featured the vocal ensemble, Kaia.

Support LIFEDesigns – (3:38) This video was produced gratis for LIFEDesigns, which supports people with disabilities.

Everything else (treatments, writing, articles, and tutorials).